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Ever Needed assistance finding your way back to your campsite, or maybe you needed to find a missing tool under your car, or perhaps needed to illuminate your path when the lights go out, or maybe scarring off a possible attacker? There are a few tools as essential and hardy as a flashlight.  And there are few tools that come as handy as the latest iteration of the ancient need to carry fire in one's hand. If I learned one thing in life, is to everyday carry (EDC) a flashlight! I carry a Nitecore MH20 in my pocket every day and...

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The headline can in some cases be terrifying. Across the country women are signing up for self-defense classes at record levels. Several women are now thinking about purchasing a firearm/gun for extra security. Women, In fact, are the quickest growing demographic of concealed carry license holders. Women are also the fastest growing group of firearm/gun buyers in the country. In almost every state, CCW courses that teach firearm/gun safety are mostly full and most even have a waiting list. If you are trying to choose whether or not to carry a concealed weapon, here are some things to consider:  Carrying...

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  Now that you have obtained your concealed carry license, it’s time for you to consider investing on a holster. No matter which kind of holster you are using, always make sure to invest on a well-made quality holster instead of the cheap generic ones. Regardless of the material the holster is made of, it needs to be able to hold and retain your firearm properly while being comfortable enough to wear every day. You will often find experienced weapon carriers boasting about the “drawer full of holsters” they have collected over the years. There are several reasons why it might take...

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 The disadvantages of open carry unfortunately far outweigh the advantages. The biggest disadvantage is that you lose the element of surprises, making you the probable first target for a would be criminal. Add to that, the unwanted attention or how its frowned upon by society.  In the last 30 years, different states of the country have sought to weaken the state CCW laws (concealed carry weapon laws). As a result, the number of citizens with concealed carry weapon permits has increased dramatically. Concealed carry laws were one of the first gun laws adopted in the country. However in present times,...

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Choosing to legally carry a handgun for personal protection is a big responsibility that must be taken seriously. Above and beyond which caliber is the best or what action type to choose, there are a variety of important considerations which need to be taken into account. Here are a few of the many questions someone should ask himself or herself before buying a firearm to carry outside of the home: 1. Do I understand the legalities of carry in my state?Although our rights of gun ownership, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are enumerated in the Constitution, the list...

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