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Understanding my Concealed Carry Weapons permit state reciprocity.

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Understanding my Concealed Carry Weapons permit state reciprocity.

 The disadvantages of open carry unfortunately far outweigh the advantages. The biggest disadvantage is that you lose the element of surprises, making you the probable first target for a would be criminal. Add to that, the unwanted attention or how its frowned upon by society.  In the last 30 years, different states of the country have sought to weaken the state CCW laws (concealed carry weapon laws). As a result, the number of citizens with concealed carry weapon permits has increased dramatically. Concealed carry laws were one of the first gun laws adopted in the country. However in present times, not all the American states have the same laws regarding concealed carry permits, and as a matter of fact, the laws vary greatly from state to state making it very confusing for someone who wants to travel with his or her gun. Suppose you are a resident of Kansas with a Kansas CCW permit, and you want to go to Colorado while conceal carrying your weapon; before you hit the street, the first thing you need to do is make sure whether you can legally carry a concealed weapon in Colorado or not.

 All concealed carriers need to know if their permit would be valid in the state they are travelling to. If you get caught carrying concealed in a state which doesn’t honor your conceal carry permit, then you are surely going to end up in a lot of legal troubles. Therefore, ideally the concealed carriers need to check the state laws on concealed carry before they travel to another state. Residents of Kansas can carry their concealed guns to states like Colorado, Nebraska, Texas and Oklahoma. However, there are many states which are not going to accept your Kansas concealed carry permit. For instance your permit would not be honored in Washington or Wyoming; in these states, if you happen to be found carrying a weapon concealed, you might find yourself in a world of trouble. These states however would allow you to conceal carry if you obtain a non resident permit for that state.

 Concealed carriers need to remember that there are certain states which don’t allow under any circumstances any out of state CCW permits. For example, states like California, New York, Oregon, Hawaii, Washington DC and Maryland don’t allow the use of out of state concealed carry permits. The state of Illinois doesn’t issue any CCW permits at all. In Alaska however, anyone can legally carry a concealed weapon without any kind of permit provided that the gun is legally owned.  Fortunately, all US states allow their citizens to carry concealed in one way or another. In 42 states, it is mandatory to carry a state issued permit to carry concealed. A handful of states are far more permissive. Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Wyoming and Vermont don’t require a permit at all for concealed carry in public. Vermont has never had such a requirement; Alaska went permit-free in 2003; Wyoming in 2011 (limited to residents); Arkansas in 2013; and Arizona in 2010; However, in all the states there are certain restrictions on the places where one can carry a concealed weapon. For instance one cannot, under any circumstance, carry a weapon in schools, hospitals, government buildings, or most airports.

 In conclusion, if you plan on carrying a weapon, open or concealed, it is paramount that you educate yourself on the laws governing the use of your weapon in you resident state and any other state you plan on visiting. Also checking the reciprocity of you CCW with other states, might save you some time and a huge embarrassment.

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