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Beginners, what every armed citizen must know about holsters and holstering a concealed weapon.

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Beginners, what every armed citizen must know about holsters and holstering a concealed weapon.

  Now that you have obtained your concealed carry license, it’s time for you to consider investing on a holster. No matter which kind of holster you are using, always make sure to invest on a well-made quality holster instead of the cheap generic ones. Regardless of the material the holster is made of, it needs to be able to hold and retain your firearm properly while being comfortable enough to wear every day. You will often find experienced weapon carriers boasting about the “drawer full of holsters” they have collected over the years. There are several reasons why it might take some time for you to find the right holster for your firearm.

Let’s take a look at the objectives of investing on a quality concealed carry holster:

  • Enhanced security: The purpose of the holster is to hold the gun in its place while you are running, climbing, upside down, getting in and out of a vehicle or other various activities.
  • Access: A good holster should provide access to your weapon quickly, even when you are in a compromised position. Moreover, your weapon should be kept in a steady and stable position so that the draw is efficient and consistent, even under high-stress situations.
  • Concealment: The right holster should make your weapon invisible to those around you. It should minimize “printing” through your concealing garments thus preserving the element of surprise and reducing unwanted attention.

The ability to un-holster or re-holster your weapon with one hand comes in real handy in situations where you can only use one hand; therefore, you need to choose a holster made of strong materials. The kind of holster you are going to use should depend on your personal preferences, body type, dressing style, climate type, season, lifestyle, and many other factors. Ideally, you want to educate yourself as much as possible on holster options before deciding on one. You can expect to pay $40-$50 for a decent concealed carry holster. However, if you want something fancy, then you can spend hundreds on an expensive holsters made out of animal hide or exotic material. No matter your price range, you should always remember that the heavier the weapon the stronger your holster needs to be. Comfort and ease of use are also important considerations when it comes to choosing the right holster. If the holster is too uncomfortable, then you might not be able to wear it all day, making it a nuisance instead. The more comfortable the holster, the more likely you are to carry it every day. Holsters are not throwaway items but an important investment. A quality holster should be able to fit your gun well, protect your body from the gun’s sharp edges, protect the gun from corrosive body acids and cover the trigger to prevent accidental discharges. The kind of gun you own will also play a role in choosing the right holster. For instance, concealing a small .380 calibre pistol with an inside the waistband holster is far more practical than doing so with a full size 1911 pistol. If concealing your gun comfortably on your body never feels right, then opting to conceal your weapon externally with options like concealed carry handbags, fanny packs, suit cases, or other similar items might be your best bet. Remember, carrying a gun on you at all times is not for everyone, for those who do, it becomes a way of life, and we commend you for that. Thank you.  


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