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Reasons For Women To Have A Concealed Carry Handbag

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Reasons For Women To Have A Concealed Carry Handbag

The headline can in some cases be terrifying. Across the country women are signing up for self-defense classes at record levels. Several women are now thinking about purchasing a firearm/gun for extra security.

Women, In fact, are the quickest growing demographic of concealed carry license holders. Women are also the fastest growing group of firearm/gun buyers in the country. In almost every state, CCW courses that teach firearm/gun safety are mostly full and most even have a waiting list.

If you are trying to choose whether or not to carry a concealed weapon, here are some things to consider:

  •  Carrying a weapon means that you can protect yourself and your family at times you otherwise couldn't if you weren't armed.
  •  Learning to use a firearm is useful and can become a lifestyle.
  • Self-protection is the responsibility of each woman, and a firearm is a step in the right direction, taking responsibility for your own protection.
  • In the worst of scenarios, having a weapon can most certainly increase your chances of effectively defending yourself.

In the event that you decide that carrying a concealed weapon is the right choice for you, the first step is to check the gun laws in your state. Some states even allow you to open carry. A few states have fairly easy regulations and some are extremely strict, making it complex, if not difficult to acquire a permit. Make sure you get the required knowledge and proper training.

Most CCW class instructors propose that women should not buy a weapon until after they have finished a training class. Instructors commonly believe that women benefit from trying different weapons during class training and figuring out which firearms/guns suits them best. Few women prefer a petite handgun to conceal easier and others like the vibe and power of an expensive  bigger weapon.

There are many different methods of concealment and each need to be considered. Holsters are the most effective way to carry for both men and women. It keeps your gun close to your body & out of others reach. A holster should be comfortable and easily accessible in order to keep your weapon out of view at all times.

Be that as it may, despite the fact that women are purchasing weapons and the gun market is on the rise, only a few holsters are produced particularly for women. Asking other women what holsters they use can be helpful in finding a comfortable holster. Using the web can be an amazing source to finding the perfect way to carry that suits your needs.

The most prominent method of concealment for women remains a handbag. Here are a few reasons why handbags carry remains the concealment method of choice for most women:

  •   Concealed carry handbags contain special pockets and pouches, concealment areas designed particularly to hide and holster a gun.
  •   Most CCW purse manufacturer build a removable holster that comes with the handbag.
  •   A quality CCW purse permits easy handle and draw of the weapon while giving a solid storage and shrouded compartment.
  •   Many purses also contain a lockable zipper, which help women keep guns away from their children and other unwanted hands.

All in all, carrying a concealed carry handbag is an excellent choice; it's every woman's business to assume responsibility for her own safety. For some women, carrying a firearm is the right choice to keep themselves and their families safe at all times. Carrying a CCW purse helps keep the weapon within reach at all times no matter what the attire.


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