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About us

    Welcome to Conceal Carry Fashion! Founded in 2016 by
Senia Diaz, an entrepreneur and proud Las Vegas gun owner.
Senia’s vision represents all men and women who embrace pro
gun laws and the need for protection at all times.
Before creating ConcealCarryFashion.com, Senia found herself
searching endlessly for a way to carry her weapon without
feeling exposed. She realized quickly that there were very limited
options (especially for women) to purchase fashionable, stylish,
and effective means to carry a lethal weapon undetected in
If you share a love of guns and enjoy shooting them, then you
probably thrive on the feeling of empowerment and security.
Conceal Carry Fashion was built to accommodate this need
along with a modern edge of looking great while carrying legal
means for self defense. Concealing your weapon and having an
efficient means to draw it during an emergency can be the very
difference between life and death.
Why not confidently conceal and carry protection while looking
fashionable too? Our goal at ConcealCarryFashion.com is to
create an on-line store that brings together all your protection
needs along with many options to look sharp while doing it.
We hope you enjoy our site and feel free to contact us at anytime
with questions or requests. Thank you for your time and happy

Founder Senia Diaz
Las Vegas NV, 89113