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Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Women's Holster, Check variants for specific gun models.


The FLASHBANG is designed to be worn attached to the middle of the bra and tucked under the underwire of the bra.

The FLASHBANG holster is made out of Kydex so that the gun can easily be pulled out by lifting up the shirt and pulling down on the handle of the gun.

The FLASHBANG is currently designed to accommodate several different hand guns. See Available Models

** Note: the Glock 26 & 27 are LARGER sub compact pistols and therefore, require 'bigger bust' to be able to conceal comfortably and properly. You will need to dress around these guns i.e. wear looser shirts etc more than the other models due to the size of these pistols. Keep that in mind.

**NOTE: The Bodyguard 38 w/ laser is NOT compatible with the Crimson Trace laser

*** Taurus Jframes unfortunately do not work with the Flashbang....we are currently working to create a fit that does.

* Lifetime Factory Warranty for manufacturing defects and normal wear

Comes with three straps of various sizes.

Left handed models are made to order 10-14 days delivery time.

**NOTE: This holster will completely cover your trigger guard. If you holster is not covering the trigger guard completely it may be on backwards

Please Note: Please check your state regulations, hunting regulations, etc before placing an order with this supplier. Your order may be canceled if the item is not able to be shipped to your state due to their regulations.