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Gina UM

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Gina is inspired by the pink breast cancer awareness ribbons and is named after a survivor. The leather wraps in the front of the bag to resemble the pink ribbon of hope.This bag is an ambidextrous pull with the pocket opening up instead of to the side. This bag has a lockable holster pocket on the back side we call the “lock it pocket” which comes with two keys for your security. It is a neoprene pocket which will conceal most compact weapons. Our signature bag chain adorns the locking zipper slider to act as bag bling but doubles as a functional pull to get into the “lock it pocket” in an emergency.
Gina measures 14.5 x 10.5 x 5. Order Gina today!


Benefits and Features

  • Light weight
  • Metal and ribbon accents
  • “Lock it pocket” holster made of neoprene
  • Locking zipper slider on the holster
  • Two keys to the locking zipper slider
  • Many internal pockets
  • A lot of internal storage

*Weapon Not Included  ;-)