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The NEW RONI is legal to own. It takes your Glock 17 and turns it into a carbine! Works with only G17.

Features a 16" barrel and functions using your existing Glock magazines
Yes, that is a Glock (inside of the RONI)

And yes, you can now legally own this amazing accessory without any excessive paperwork, licenses or fees! 

The RONI has been around for many years but only as a short barrel rifle. The SBR version requires a special permit from the ATF and incurs a number of fees. This new RONI features a 16" barrel which makes it legal to own without licenses in almost all states. 

Here's how it works: you place the 16" barrel into your Glock 17 Gen3 or Gen4. Then place the handgun, long barrel and all, into the RONI unit. It's basically a drop in and shoot operation although it takes a bit of understanding to put it together the first time. Once the Glock is in place, simply close up the RONI cover and shoot just as you would the standard Glock handgun. 

The difference is that you now have a 9mm shoulder fired carbine that uses Glock magazines and has the same grip and trigger that you have with your Glock. Recoil is almost non-existent and accuracy is excellent. The RONI features a picatinny rail on the top and side for sights, red dot optics, laser and lights. 
NOTE: Glock Handgun *NOT INCLUDED* with the purchase of a Roni Carbine Conversion.